Getting to the Venue

Direct Int'l Flight : → Gimhae Int'l Airport (Busan)

Gimhae International Airport is connected to 39 cities in 12 countries throughout Asia, including Beijing and Tokyo, with over 1,000 flights a week.

Country City
China Beijing, Pudong, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Yanji, Zhangjiajie, Nanjing, Macau, Shijiazhuang, Xi’an, Sanya, Hangzhou
Japan Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Sapporo, Nagoya, Kitakyushu
Philippine Manila, Cebu, Clark Field (Angeles), Puerto Princesa
Thailand Bangkok, Chiang Mai
Cambodia Siem Reap
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu
Vietrnam Da Nang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh
Taiwan Taipei, Kaohsiung
Laos Vientiane
Russia Vladivostok
United States Guam, Saipan
Myanmar Yangon
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar

Domestic Flight : Incheon Int’l Airport → Gimhae Int'l Airport(Busan)

On average, there are some domestic flights available daily, from Incheon int'l Airport to Gimhae int'l Airport (Busan). It is Transit Exclusive Domestic Flight, please book the flight together when you book the ticket.

Flight Schedule

Airline Time Traveling Time
Korean Air 08:25, 17:15, 19:35 55min
Asiana Air 06:30, 19:20

Transit Exclusive Domestic Flight, so it is not available as a separate domestic flight.

Domestic Flight : Incheon Int’l Airport → Gimpo Airport → Gimhae Int'l Airport(Busan)

1. Take the limousine bus 6707A to Gimpo Airport

Incheon Int'l Airport you can get the information about Limousine Buses that run between Incheon Int'l Airport and the domestic terminal of Gimpo Int'l Airport. There are two terminals at Gimpo, one is the domestic and the other is the international. Please make sure that you get off the bus at the Domestic Flight Terminal at Gimpo.

Limousine Bus Information (6707A)

Terminal First/Last Interval Travelling Time Fare Bus Stop No.
Airport Terminal 2 05:10/22:47 20-30min 40min KRW 7,500 17,18,19 ( B1 Floor)
Airport Terminal 1 08:23/19:20 20-30min 40min KRW 7,500 3B,4A (1 Floor)

Bus schedule information: click here
Please be advised that actual times may vary depending on traffic conditions.

2. Take the domestic flight from Gimpo Airport to Gimhae Int’l Airport

There are many domestic flights available daily (almost one or two flights per every hour) from Gimpo to Gimhae Int'l Airport.

*Transfer Information for those who arrive by international flights : Take a free shuttle bus from platform no. 5(near gate 2), 1 floor of Gimpo int’l airport to domestic terminal. It takes about 3 minutes by bus.

KTX : Incheon Int'l Airport → Seoul Station → Singyeongju Train Station

1. AREX Express Train

AREX Express Train is the non-stop train service runs between Incheon Int'l Airport to Seoul Station. You can book your seat at the website of AREX.

Direct Route Trains

Departure Arrival Hours of Operation Travel Time
Number of Trips
Service Interval Fare
(Adult, one-way)
First Train Last Train
Terminal 2 Seoul
(Seoul Station)
05:15 23:32 51min 26 times per day 40-60min KRW 9,000 Transportation Center on Level B1
Terminal 1 05:21 23:38 43min Transportation Center on Level B1

AREX Homepage Link

2. KTX(Korea Train Express)

KTX(Korea Train Express) connects Seoul and many of the major cities in Korea including Singyeongju.

Departure Arrival Hours of Operation Number of Trips
Service Interval Travel Time
(Adult, one-way)
First Train Last Train
(Seoul Station)
(Singyeongju Station)
05:15 21:30 17-19 times
per day
2hours First-class: KRW 69,000
Regular: KRW 49,300

KORAIL website

- Above times and fares are subject to change by KORAIL. Please check the website for complete and updated information.

- Reservation : You can make reservations online from one month to 30 mins before your departure time. There are plenty of passengers especially on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. For the participants who plan to take a KTX at those times, we recommend to make a reservation at the website of KORAIL in advance.