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Leading Society for the Research and Treatments of Infectious Diseases in Korea
Having set for itself the mission of “promoting the advancement of infectious disease research through constant study and exchange and thereby helping the human race lead an existence safe from infectious diseases,” KSID has been a leading academic association, pioneering theresearch of infectious diseases and treatments in Korea over the last 55 years. KSID publishes quality journals on a regular basis. Its 1,200 or so members play central roles in other various international associations, thus establishing international research accomplishments. Furthermore, KSID regularly publishes textbooks and diagnostic guides on infectious diseases to keep the medical community and the general public well-informed of the conditions for a safe society. KSID also actively participates in the making of nationwide policies regarding infections.
For more information, please visit www.ksid.or.kr.
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Korea’s Largest Conference on Infectious Diseases co-hosted, in collaboration with 11 relevant associations and societies.
The 3rd International Interscience Conference on Infection and Chemotherapy (ICIC) hosted by KSID to strengthen multidisciplinary collaboration on infectious diseases both domestically and globally and co-organized by 11 domestic relevant associations and societies has evolved into one of the globally-renowned conferences attended by domestic and global infectious disease experts and researchers since 2011 when ‘the infectious disease symposium' was changed to the international conference.
3nd ICIC BEXCO, Busan, Korea (September 14~16, 2017)

“Combating Antimicrobial Resistance and Emerging Infectious Diseases:Today and Tomorrow”

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2nd ICIC Lotte Hotel World, Seoul, Korea (Nov. 5~7, 2015)
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1st ICIC Lotte Hotel World, Seoul, Korea (Nov. 7~9, 2013)
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