Presentation Guidelines


Oral presentation session will take place at Room 1 (1F) and Room 2 (2F) of HICO in Gyeongju on September 27-28, 2019. Please take the time to read these guidelines ahead of time to ensure your presentation is successful.

Session Information

All session schedules are based on your presentation code. Please see the table below and check your presentation time and place.

Presentation Code Session Time Place
O1-PT00 Oral Presentation 1 27 September (FRI) 15:00-16:00 Room 2
O2-PT00 Oral Presentation 2 27 September (FRI) 15:00-16:00 Room 1
O3-PT00 Oral Presentation 3 28 September (SAT) 14:00-15:00 Room 2
O4-PT00 Oral Presentation 4 28 September (SAT) 14:00-15:00 Room 1

Presenting Timing

  • Each presentation is limited to a total of 10 minutes; 7 min. for presentation and 3 min. for Q & A.
  • In order to minimize interference with other presentations, overruns will not be allowed. Session chairs have been instructed to curtail each presentation to the allotted time.

Presentation Files

  • Each presenter should prepare the presentation file in MS-PowerPoint.
  • Please ensure your PowerPoint Presentations are in 4:3 and not 16:9.
  • Presentations must be saved as a <.ppt> or <.pptx> file type.
  • If using fonts other than standard MS-Office 2010 fonts, or if the presentation file contains animations or video clips, please save separately and bring these files with the presentation.
  • All presenters are requested to send their presentation files via e-mail at sci@apfid.org by Tuesday 17 September, 2019.

Preview Room

  • Operation Hours and Location:
    Date Time Place
    25 September (Wed) 12:00-17:00 207 (2F)
    26-28 September (Thu–Sat) 08:00-17:00
  • Please visit the Preview Room to upload and check your presentation files at least 2 hours before your session to ensure that all materials are satisfactory. A technician will be ready to assist you.
  • If your presentation file contains animations or video clips, you are advised to check over all materials and technical matters 4 hours prior to your session.
  • Please bring your PowerPoint presentation file with you on USB memory stick so that edits or updates can be made easily.

Audio Visual Equipment

  • All presenters are required to use venue facilities only. Each session room will be equipped and prepared with the following:
    • · Presentation computer with Windows OS, MS-Office PowerPoint 2010 and Adobe Reader.
    • · A smart pointer, a mouse and a timer
    • · Beam projector (HDMI, VGA Port)
    • · Screen
  • To avoid frequently occurring technical problems, all presenters are asked to use only IBM compatible PC and single LCD project preset in the session room.
  • We strongly advise against presenters bringing and using their own laptop computers (Macintosh laptops will not be available).

Contact us

Scientific Program : shirley@apfid.org , sci@apfid.org (Ms. Shirley Ma)