Scientific Program

KSID workshop 1
07:30 ~ 08:50 Mathematical modelling for infectious diseases (Korean session)
Chairperson: TBD
KW1-1 Introduction of mathematical modeling in infectious diseases
Eunok Jung, Konkuk University, Korea
KW1-2 Mathematical model of influenza considering intervention strategies
Soyoung Kim, Konkuk University, Korea
KW1-3 Dynamical models of Tuberculosis and their applications in the Republic of Korea
Sunhwa Choi, National Cancer Center, Korea
KSID workshop 2
07:30 ~ 08:50 Writing research manuscripts: know-how and useful tips (Korean session)
Chairperson: TBD
KW2-1 Effective storytelling (Introduction과 Discussion 구성법)
Joon Seo Lim, Asan Medical Center, Korea
KW2-2 English editing in Korea: a foreigner's experience 
Keenan Bailey, Asan Medica Center, Korea
KW2-3 Common mistakes and other things you can fix to please your Editor
Anthony Milliken, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Korea
Symposium 7
09:00 ~ 11:00 Antimicrobial resistance of Gram negative bacteria
Chairperson: Seok Hoon Jeong (Korea), David Livermore (UK)
S7-1 Global epidemiology and clinical impact of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter species.
Po-Ren Hsueh, National Taiwan University Hospital, Chinese Taipei
S7-2 Global epidemiology and clinical impact of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae.
David Livermore, University of East Anglia, UK
S7-3 Prognosis of patients with bacterial bloodstream infection in an aspect of causative pathogens: from the first one-year report of Kor-GLASS
Eun-Jeong Yoon, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Korea
S7-4 Antimicrobial therapy for carbapenem-resistant gram negative bacteria
Anucha Apisarnthanarak, Thammasat University Hospital, Thailand
Symposium 8
09:00 ~ 11:00 New approaches for fungal infections in immune-compromised host
Chairperson: Eui-Chong Kim (Korea), Monica Slavin (Australia)
S8-1 Fungal Epidemiology and Emerging Resistance in Asia
Jong Hee Shin, Chonnam National University Medical School, Korea
S8-2 ICU & Flu: New Risk Factors for Invasive Aspergillosis
Wei-Lun Liu, Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital, Chinese Taipei
S8-3 Talaromycosis and Mucormycosis: Challenges and Opportunities
Patrick Woo, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
S8-4 New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies for Invasive Fungal Infection
Monica Slavin, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Symposium 9
09:00 ~ 11:00 New diagnostics for infectious diseases
Chairperson: Jin-Han Kang (Korea), Stephan Harbarth (Switzerland)
S9-1 Advances in “ART” (Antibacterial Resistance Testing)
Robin Patel, Mayo Clinic, USA
S9-2 Detection methods for mcr and carbapenemase genes
Wang Hui, Peking University People's Hospital, PR China
S9-3 Syndromic approach for infectious agents detection
Heungsup Sung, Asan Medical Center, Korea
S9-4 NGS based diagnosis of infectious diseases
Dongeun Yong, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Korea
Plenary Lecture 3
11:10 ~ 11:50 Chairperson: Benjamin Cowling (Hong Kong, China), Min Ja Kim (Korea)
P3-1 Diagnosis of Prosthetic Joint Infection
Robin Patel, Mayo Clinic, USA
Plenary Lecture 4
11:50 ~ 12:30 Chairperson: Benjamin Cowling (Hong Kong, China), Min Ja Kim (Korea)
P4-1 High priority research areas for infectious diseases and AMR
Dennis Dixon, National Institutes of Health, USA
Plenary Lecture 5
15:10 ~ 15:50 Chairperson: Kyungwon Lee (Korea)
P5-1 Novel agents for emerging MDROs
Po-Ren Hsueh, National Taiwan University Hospital, Chinese Taipei
Symposium 10
16:00 ~ 17:30 Challenging cases (interactive session)
Chairperson: Jong-Hyun Kim (Korea), Kyong Ran Peck (Korea)
S10-1 Blood culture negative endocarditis and chronic arthritis
Didier Raoult, IHU Mediterranee Infection, France
S10-2 Chronic Fever in Diabetic Patient
Visanu Thamlikitkul, Siriraj Hospital, Thailand
S10-3 Infections in the immunocompromised host
Dong-gun Lee, The Catholic University of Korea, Korea
Symposium 11
16:00 ~ 17:30 Strategies for diagnosing and treating Clostridium difficile infection
Chairperson: Woo-Joo Kim (Korea), Po-Ren Hsueh (Chinese Taipei)
S11-1 Changes in epidemiology and disease burden of Clostridium difficile infection in Asia
Thomas Riley, Murdoch University / Edith Cowan University, Australia
S11-2 Diagnostic algorithm for C. difficile infection
Karen Carroll, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
S11-3 New therapeutic options for C. difficile infection
Hyunjoo Pai, Hanyang University Hospital, Korea
Symposium 12
16:00 ~ 17:30 Current issues on HIV infection
Chairperson: Kang Won Choe (Korea), Davey Smith (USA)
S12-1 Transmitted drug resistance: current situations and counterstrategy
Davey Smith, University of California San Diego, USA
S12-2 Mental health of PLWH: risk factors, screening, and interventions
Reena Rajasuriar, University of Malaya, Malaysia
S12-3 Pharmacologic Preventive Interventions: U=U, PrEP & STI
Bum Sik Chin, National Medical Center, Korea