Scientific Program

Keynote Lecture
12:40 ~ 16:00 Strategies for overcoming AMR and threatening ID
K-1 Influenza and respiratory viruses
Benjamin Cowling, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
K-2 Antimicrobial resistance
Michael Rybak, Wayne State University, USA
K-3 Use of HIV Molecular Epidemiology to Combat HIV
Davey Smith, University of California San Diego, USA
K-4 Emerging fungal threats
Monica Slavin, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Opening Session
16:30 ~ 17:50 MERS; what we should learn from the Korean outbreak
Myoung-don Oh, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea
O-2 75 Years of cephalosporins
David Livermore, University of East Anglia, UK